About clan Ventrue

This is a short summery of the beliefs, outlook, and place in the world of clan Ventrue.

We are Ventrue, the Blue bloods. Ours is the purest of the bloodlines, all others are lesser stock than we.
However, it is our resposibility to lead the lesser clans, to shape them, mould them, to ensure the survival of
all kindred. One day we will unite the clans, and drive out the lesser species of humans, then this world will
truly be ours.

We know that in this world of the Vampire Wars, we the Ventrue are at a disadvantage, as we are not allways
as capable in combat as the other clans, but we are masters of diplomacy and leadership, and allthough the other
clans are preoccupied with this petty inter clan fueding, we know that there is a higher purpose to the kindred being
in this world, and we the Ventrue will find, and pursue it.

Our View Of The Others In This World.

Brujah : Rabble, pure and simple.
Yet, having said that, they are not to be underestimated, and still deserve respect, as they are formidable, and viscious
in combat, and can make excellent allies (allthough you would not want to invite them to dinner).

Gangrel : Tragic, that is the word that comes to mind when I think of clan Gangrel.
Once a proud and noble clan. Loyal allies, honorable warriors, trustworty friends.
But now, something has tainted their bloodline, and they have become twisted, their numbers infested by liers and cheats,
conning, and backstabbing their way through life. It is a sad tale indeed, and I pity those of them who still retain some true
Gangrel blood, for they must truly be living in a nightmare.

Nosferatu : The information merchants.
It is said, that if you need to know something, then you should ask a Nosferatu.
They pride themselves on their knowledge and indeed, do seem to have an uncanny knack of finding out the most obscure
of facts and details.
They are also capable warriors, and overall, currently make the most trustworthy, and effective allies one could hope for.
A clan worthy of the respect of all.

Malkavian : Insane, completly, totally, and utterly insane.
That is not to say that they are not intelligent, or that they do not deserve respect.
Many of their number are both capable scholars and warriors, however, it is wise to note that a streak of insanity taints
their every action, and this means that they can never be totally relied upon.
As likely to save your life as to stab you in the back, one can only wonder about what may have caused their bloodline
to be tainted so.

Toreador : Posers, flighty and whimsicle.
Kindred of clan Toreador take only one thing seriously, themselves.
They are vain to the extreme, and the only reason some of them have advanced to become half decent warriors, is because
they think it makes them look good.
Don't get me wrong, I mean no disrespect to them, I just cannot spend more than a few minutes in a room with them, their
constant boasting and preening would drive me as mad as a Malkavian.

Tremere : Mysterious.
Their numbers are few, and little seems to be known of these kindred.
It is said that they wield more powerful magics than any other kindred, but I have yet to see evidence of this.
A clan worth watching methinks.

Caitiff : Sword fodder
These outcasts are nothing but scum, but are good for training your neonates combat abilities on.
However, they are still kindred, and thus are above the humans.
Maybee someday the Caitiff can be shaped into a proper clan...

Humans : Vermin
These lesser beings are nothing but an annoyance, and one that we kindred will ultimatly remove from this world,
freeing them from thier miserable existance either through death, or, for those that wish to better themselves, by embracing
them and making them kindred.


Clan Requirements

As a matter of survival, our clan has found the need to instigate requirements for prospective members to
achive before we will embrace them into our family.

Please contact the current clan leader for information on the present entry requirements.