Ventrue Benefits

Some would say that clan Ventrue's lack of combat oriented disciplines is a drawback.
Those people are the short sighted, status obcessed intraverts who I have seen comming, and going, for some 200 years.
Far from being a drawback, our weakness in combat is our most powerful benefit, for it teaches us that there is more than one
way to achieve power than through muscle.
because of this, Ventrue is probably the most challenging of all the clans to play on Vampire Wars, and a ventrue who becomes
one of the top few, has achieved something to be truly proud of.

From a mudders point of view, we are probably the best clan for those people who prefer to roleplay, rather than the decap
hungry power mudders.

That is not to say that the members of Ventrue cannot, and do not, indulge in pking, we just tend to need more of a reason
to kill somebody, than being a bit bored, or out of some sick need to upset people, and indeed, some of our members are right
up there with the highest status people on the mud.

Other than being a challenging, intricate, and interesting clan to be a part of, it has to be said that another benefit of being
a Ventrue, is that it's members can call upon the advice of myself, Archon.
Now I know that sounds a little arrogant, but let me explain.
I have been playing this mud since it first came on line, about one and a half years ago.
I know nearly all the pitfalls of the combat system, and where the majority of the quest items are.
I am known for trying to be fair in all matters, and for giving completly impartial advice.
I am also on quite a lot of the time (too much time on my hands IRL :> ), so am usually around to do all my clans equip for them.

Of course, I do give out advice free to 'anyone' who asks for it, it's part of the job as I see it, but for my clan I give out more
specialised advice, as well as some of the more interesting secrets the mud has to offer.
I do allways keep some to myself, tis a foolish Ventrue who never has at least 1 trump card :>

And that kinda brings me on to our clan rules, of which there are few, and may well be added to/changed if needed.

The main rules are (in no particular order).

The clan deities are there exclusivly for the clan, in the way of questing equipment, and will not create/rename/relocate
equipment for non clan members (unless specifically requested to do so in an emergency by a GOD or higher being).

Clan deities will answer the queries/give advice to, clan members above all others (excluding other deities and higher beings).

In return for these services, clan members are expected to :

Show patience when making requests/recieving advice (we do get lag too, and are often busy)

Obey the ruling of thier deity in matters where the deity has been requested to adjudicate.

Obey decisions the clan deities make regarding other clans.

Not give us too many headaches ;>